Cary Fagan’s Chairs Are People Exhibition

``Chairs are fascinating because they address both physiology and fashion. They represent an effort to balance multiple concerns: artistry, status, gravity, construction and comfort.``

Houston-born and based, photographer and filmmaker Cary Fagan has already racked up substantial industry credits; contributing visuals for Solange’s “When I Get Home” project as well as shooting the cover of A$AP Rocky’s 2018 album “Testing” – the latter which landed on Billboard’s top 20 album covers of the year.

Despite already receiving major accolades from the industry, the visual artist reveals his roots are much more humble. He credits his dad as the reason he first picked up a camera. Describing his work as “timeless”, Cary explains that “it holds memories” and that he hopes people “will gain insight to what they are going through and how they relate” when they look at it.

A chair connects culture. There is always a conversation to be shared amongst the topic of chairs.
When you look at a chair it’s simple idea. If you think about making a chair; it’s very complex. Similar to the way people can be. Chairs have personality; chairs tell a story.
Chairs are people if you think about it.
The kanji for chair in Japanese means strange wood child 椅 =木 wood 奇 strange. 椅子は人です

Chairs Are People is the study of still life bringing together a curation of chairs for the process of experimentation and documentation. This project highlights chairs as they are and their interactions.
#chairsarepeople is a unique idea using everyday objects as subjects in my art and process. The art of stacking chairs is a visual representation of how I see a community and how when we come together we build something. Stacking chairs challenges the mind to view chairs from an abstract point of view.

We are welcoming you to join the exhibition
Saturday 23rd of November 2019
17:00 – 20:00

Japanese snacks and natural wine will be provided