Daylight Opening

Daylight Opening

A collective exhibition of nine local
and international artists under 30

Daylight Opening is the continuation to our previous exhibition So Close So Good, which involved Florence-based artists and designers in a conversation between the city and its local communities to raise questions in the post-COVID era. Request Catalogue

Celebrating the opening of Numeroventi’s new rooms located in the Palazzo’s top floor, Daylight Opening was a collective exhibition presented in the atmosphere of a Florentine home. The show introduced works from 9 local and international artists all under 30 years old, offering a new conversation of the future of Florence and how they adapted their approach in their art during these challenging times.

Eleanor Herbosch – Untitled

This piece renders Eleanor’s wonder of the colors of Florence, a mixture of gold that has withstood the test of time, a touch of cream, and even a touch of grey, as well as the composition of the surfaces of the city, the naturally occurring decorative structure where walls, inside and outside, seem to have a structure, showing its many layers of time.

Thelonious Stokes – Arrotino; Bugi

Through his techniques oriented around 19th century French academic oil painting, Thelonious merges the narrative of his friend Bugi, victim of human trafficking, who migrated from Nigeria to Italy with classical art. The artist shows how high-level art enables him to open up spaces to important conversations such as immigration.

Bora; To The Hand That Feeds

To the hand that feeds
Principle of substance
Uncertainty of nourishment
I am not in a constant loop
I am a constant loop
I am constant loop
I am constant
I am
Bora; to the hand that feeds
Uncertainty of nourishment
Principle of substance
I need not
Even so, I devour
Function of survival
The word eat is un-edible
The ungraspable truth
To the ineffable experience
Substance of nourishment
Makes way,
For the formless proof
Bora; to the cyclic renewal
Means the eternal

Levi De Jong, in collaboration with Pepe Leyte – Rebirth

Laila Tara – It’s All A Bit Out Of Hand

During her residency, in the midst of pandemic, a series of hands were painted for Numeroventi. Each reaches out for the other, heavily distanced, speaking to our physical longing of one another in the form of this dangerously vulnerable part of the body.

Aesther Chang – Blissful Fish

Aesther explores subtle shifts in value and color, the play between the diaphanous and architectonic, and the linear and ethereal qualities in form. Her evocative works create a crackled tension of unknown space and internal dialect on the canvas, blurring the distinction between fiction and quotation.

Sasha Ribera – Stool

Stool is made with recycled wood hand carved, and finished with a mix of paint and plaster. The seat is made with acoustic foam. Ribera seeked to make a raw object, using common materials, like a free-hand exercise. The shape is easy, a three-leg seat, where one of the legs run over the seat becoming an armrest.

Angus Ogilvie – Relief II

Part of the Relief series, this piece was made in Florence and the city’s architecture was one of the starting points for the series. Perpendicular to the this architectural rhythm is the rhythm of the cutting action used to create the work.

Mattia Papp – Atlantis Thermal Wall No. 1

Inspired by the myths of the lost world of Atlantis, this piece is part of Mattia’s imaginary narrative revolving around the discovery of Atlantis by a group of explorers and their findings of fragments of a supposed thermal spa building.

Verde Edrev – You Promised

The series ‘An open relationship with the sky’ are airbrushed representations of photos of the sky Edrev took and collected over the years. As the title suggests, the sky is a loyal partner in the open relationship we all share with it.

Daylight Opening was complemented with live music by Lewis OfMan.

About the Artists

Aesther Chang
Born in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1994, Aesther Chang currently works and lives in Brooklyn, NY. She received her training at the Maryland Institute College of Art and the New York Academy of Art. Aesther Chang’s drawings and oil paintings often depict the spatial-psychological deconstruction and fragmentation of the figure. With a strong focus on craftsmanship, her works take inspiration from Old Masters, yet they challenge the traditional aesthetics of portraiture. Her interest lies in the idea of finding beauty in the dissonance created when the familiar is fractured and distorted.

Verde Edrev
Verde Edrev, nom de plume of Verde Cordero di Montezemolo, was born in Florence in 1995. She currently lives and works in London. Her work is mainly expressed through painting and installation, building up a narrative about human’s universe. She is interested in diving into the collective unconscious, and what ties us together making us part of the same whole, by eliminating any difference. She looks at the body and the sky as common elements that we all constantly experience.

Eleanor Herbosch
Eleanor is a Belgian artist currently enrolled in a Ceramic Design program in Central Saint Martins, London. Her minimalist approach is fused with the Japanese philosophy of “shibumi”, als known as simple elegance, as well as chinese aesthetics. Her aim is to break the boundaries between the two crafts of painting and ceramics, to bring them together to be displayed as one.

Levi De Jong
Born in Dallas, Texas in 1997, Levi De Jong is a multidisciplinary artist, directing light and space through various sculptural and performative methods. Levi’s work speaks in relation to the nature governing human experience; expressing non-material in form. To create tangible objects from the realities within; he aims to create an open dialogue between the viewer and the ineffable world they inhabit. His goal is to remind people of the natural phenomena occurring in daily life.

Angus Ogilvie
Currently based in Florence, Ogilvie’s work spans a variety of different processes and materials, the overlapping point being an interest in architectural forms. Working as part of Bask, he has exhibited across Europe and South America. Ogilvie seeks to remove the idea of authorship from the work, the content coming from the form and process. Constructing a set of geometric proportions and then generating variations within these parameters often presenting multiples. He creates sculptural elements that are simultaneously a fragment and a singularity. What makes these fragments important is the way they describe the point at which building becomes culture. These modular sculptures create a dialogue between architecture and sculpture in which familiar forms and materials verge on the ritualistic and totemic.

Mattia Papp
Born in Florence in 1993, Mattia Papp graduated high school in the Art Institute of Porta Romana before moving to The Hague to study at the KABK where he graduated in july of 2017. His work takes classical elements of italian tradition, it’s streets, it’s smells, old shops and architecture, and translates them into a contemporary language using different media, from paint to ceramics and videos. He has been working with theater, painting, installations since then, aiming to engage Florence and the Netherlands in a creative and active dialogue. In 2019 and early 2020 he held courses at the academy of art in The Hague.

Sasha Ribera
Sasha Ribera was born in Florence in 1988. After studies of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design at ISIA, he has grown up in woodworking, decoration and restoration workshops. Since 2017 he has started a project of research, restoration and trading of historic design, in parallel with a production of his own furniture-sculptures. His work is focused on the material ‘wood’, fascinated by the signs that the time leaves on it, by pure and clean shapes, by the combination with other materials and by the introspection of its processing.

Thelonious Stokes
Born in Chicago in 1995, Thelonious Stokes is a multidisciplinary identity based figurative painter serving to resist societal implications derived from the effects of cultural stereotypes and the restrictions of classical art. With labor at the root of his practice, Theolonious counters environmental implications by the embrace of Black America. While negotiating the usage of fine oil painting techniques with brash urban content. In an effort to observe beauty, he realizes harsh reality, while proposing transformative, radical exchanged based solutions. His ultimate goal is to engage us as a human race, to aid in this essential cultural transformation.

Laila Tara
Born in London, in 1995, Laila Tara H is an Iranian-British artist with a specialty in contemporary Indo-Persian miniature painting based between Tehran and London. Raised across the world, she paints largely autobiographical reflections of a life navigating cultures. Using traditional methods from both East and West in a contemporary context, symbolism seeps through the imagery and into her means of making. Drawing inspiration from the rich history of miniature painting across the Middle East and South Asia while keeping a foot in simplicity and minimalism.


Lewis OfMan
Lewis OfMan is a French musician, songwriter and producer. With tints of youth and at the same time hints of 70’s Italian film soundtracks, Lewis OfMan’s music creates a shivering atmosphere where melancholia meets elevation and joy. He started music as a drummer and then learnt the piano and guitar by himself. His songs, with sophisticated jazzy chords and polished up percussion, have the will to take his audience along in a shared emotionalism sphere. With his youthful features, Lewis steps forward as a precursor.

All the profit went to Numeroventi Fund – an artist in residency program to host and develop contemporary narratives and reimagine the future of Florence.

Photo: Daniele CivettaMartino di Napoli Rampolla, Angela Simi

Concept & Curation: Martino di Napoli Rampolla