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``Food is the first act of love, between a mother and a child, between the self and the body, between each of us. Every food has an information & energy, that effects every cell, every atom in our body. It is also through food that we can find balance and healing.``

Priyanka Lugani has always had a deep fascination for the collective. This led her to travel and explore the world from different perspectives, exploring cultures, traditions and the ancient wisdom of the Incan Shamans to the Tibetan Monks in the Himalayas.
Following these experiences, Priyanka set up Alma, an information platform centered around connecting the ancient wisdoms of the world with food, travel, art, spirit and science.

Numeroventi: What is Alma how did it all start?

Priyanka: Alma is a research and information platform, bringing the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda to our everyday lives.
There are three key channels of experiencing Alma; Alma Deli is our plant based food concept. Here we host dinners, workshops and also have a food delivery service. Alma Kids is an initiative to create and support consciousness from a young age. Alma Labs is where our travel, research and interviews are documented. We experience reality in three dimensions:
– The physical
– Mental + emotional
– Energetic / soul level
It’s challenging to keep all three parts of self in balance. As soon as one is out of balance, illness, sadness, anxiety or stress can manifest. Stress is very common, most of us have encountered it. It is the “disease” of the 21st century. What is the cure? Balance and consciousness.
Alma’s journey is to create something that connects each of us, a point of unity between all souls. It is also to bring each of us back to our natural state, to our essence.
For a while, I was searching for what this point of unity could be between all of us, and it came to me whilst walking the streets of Madrid: Food. Food is the first act of love, between a mother and a child, between the self and the body, between each of us.
Every food has an information & energy, that effects every cell, every atom in our body. It is also through food that we can find balance and healing. The answers that I couldn’t find in modern day medicine, can be found in nature. From herbs, plants, vegetables and grains; food provides natural medicine.

From the moment the seed is planted to the moment the food lands on our plate, there is a chain of information, energy and intention in that very meal you are eating. This very intention is the vibration of the food we consume and absorb.
With all Alma Channels we create a formula to awaken the memory of who we really are: our natural state.

N: Why is working with kids from 3 to 7 years old more interesting to you? 

P: Education sets the foundation for our reality, how we see, absorb and experience life. With the learnings of our childhood, we plant the seeds in our subconscious and everything that we encounter and experience has a connection to this seeding.

Education goes beyond basic numbers and theories. Creativity is key to the evolution and elevation of a child’s spirit. From the time we are born until the age of 7, we are conscious and aligned with our natural state. This inspired me to create classes centered around consciousness for children, as it continues the flow between the outside world and the inner natural state.
A lot of the research into the ancient wisdom and science is incorporated into the creation of the classes. For instance, the “Singing Bowl” classes originate from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of sound prayer. The vibration of the bowls is in line with our natural frequency.
The kids then journey into the “Principles of Yoga”, here they explore conscious movement & dance. Other classes include “Plant-based cooking” and “crystal labs”. “Crystal Labs” introduces the kids to Earth Minerals which are found in nature: the water, in the earth and in mountains! We are surrounded by these mineral stones and they are as ancient as this planet. The uniqueness of these stones, in colour and texture is a reflection of our nature, with each of us being unique!

N: What are the basics taught in a kids cooking workshop?

P: In our plant based cooking classes, the kids explore nature, its seasons and what grows regionally. Every food has its time of year, its early, peak and late season. The kids get to engage all their senses and creativity whilst preparing the meals. All our recipes are sugar free, gluten free and dairy free, this also supports for children to eat naturally without any industry processes from a young age.

N: What are your top 5 healthy spices a person cannot miss in his diet and why?

P: 1. Turmeric, a great natural anti-inflammatory.
2. Cinnamon, reduces sugar levels and boosts hormonal balance.
3. Cumin Seeds, a warming spice for the stomach and delicious in meals.
4. Ginger is an essential in most of Alma’s menu. Ginger is great for blood flow and immunity.
5. Here I would add herbs to all the spices! Fresh herbs are full of medicinal properties: sage is great for all ages. For women during their menopause or even for any of us in the summer, when its hot outside, it cools down the body. Rosemary & Thyme for liver health. Coriander is great in protecting the organs from toxic metals.

N: What is your recommendation to anyone that is willing to begin a detoxing journey?

P: My first thought would be: What motivates your detox journey? Is it weight loss? Is it to feel more balanced?
Our daily lives are full of toxins, from the food we eat, often sprayed with pesticides, to the soil being contaminated by led pipes to the air we breathe and the water we drink.
Alma’s detox kit includes:
– Daily intestine cleanse with salt water
– Organic Spirulina
– Organic celery juice
– Superfoods such as Ashwaghanda
– Eating warm, cooked foods
– Cutting down on raw foods

N: Lastly, what are your next plans for Alma and how do you condense your latest discoveries into your work?

P: We are working towards opening the Alma flagship in the heart of London.
This is a place where wellness, balance and education come together for children & adults. We will have the Deli, the Lab and the Kids classes all operating in union under the same roof.
We continue to collaborate with other companies, where the values are aligned, in order to spread the research and information, after all this is a movement to shift the collective consciousness.
All discoveries are being built into our food offering, workshops and books, its an ongoing, exciting process. We are also working on a podcast and a video channel.


Photo & Styling: Marina Denisova & Marieke Verdenius