Job Openings: Studio and gallery Internships

Numeroventi is a globally acclaimed Artist Residency and Creative Studio with an ever expanding portfolio of apartments, a photo studio, an exhibition space, art gallery and lounge.

You will have the opportunity to mould and shape the future of our artist residencies program and gallery, playing a key role alongside the Hospitality Manager and the Creative Director.

Apply below by providing your CV, Portfolio (max 50 MB) and personal letter before the 10th March 2021.


The role:

You will work with colleagues on improving the Artist in residency program, selecting artists, planning and producing workshops and activities at Numeroventi.

You will work closely with Hospitality management and the curation of artists in order to combine these two sides of the business and let our customers experience Numeroventi as a whole.

Required skills:

Adobe Suite & Microsoft Office
Proven experience working cross-functionally across an organisation, and with external stakeholders.
Adaptability, organisational skills and ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
Customer orientated, excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
The ability to work on a number of different projects simultaneously, adhering to deadlines.
Highly creative and innovative.
Good knowledge of the art business.

Email at to apply


What we’re looking for?

A candidate that has a flexible timetable, and can assist the team in developing, sustaining, and further enhancing Numeroventi.


Working alongside Hospitality Management to handle clients, guests, and artists.

Required Skills:

Microsoft Office Pack
Communication skills (engaging online and offline with our community and clients)
Manual skills (assist our Hospitality Management in everyday tasks, such as deliveries, transportation, and maintenance of the structure.)


Minimum 5 days a week for a minimum of 6 months. Must be on call at all times.

Email at to apply