A Liminal Object by Nour Jaouda

``There is something greatly unique in the multi-layered textures of Florence’s infrastructure. What has really captivated me is the ways in which It manifests a unique sense of space and time that is driven by a tension between the old and the new, the historical and the contemporary and the functional and the decorative.
There is this sort of harmonious paradox of trying to sustain the past yet also having to adapt to the inevitable forces of change.``

Nour Jaouda (1997) is a Libyan Artist, based in Cairo.
She is interested in the tactile process of constructing and deconstructing cultural motifs, found objects and historical narratives in order to challenge conventional ideas of identity formation. Through a deconstructed process of painting, textile design and installation art, she makes textured compositions that examine issues of identity, cultural mobility and the aesthetics of displacement. Her work is driven by ideas of liminality and the state of being in-between.

She explores the experience of statelessness and the precariousness of our historical and cultural identities. She engages with the notion of identity being defined by an ever-changing, unstable fluidity that belongs to the future, as much as to the past.
The margin, the border, the liminal existence are the themes around the work of the Artist
In which, re-working fabrics and textiles, she translates her perceptions of being in-between, an Apolide existence : A – Pólis ( without a city) emphasizing the precariousness of a historical and cultural truth.

A Liminal Object

During her residency at Numeroventi, situated in the historical Palazzo Galli Tassi, Nour has embraced her surroundings to develop a site-specific installation in relationship with the architecture of the Renaissance building.
Her project was born in that determinate environment, and it was deliberately put into constant dialogue with architecture:
Architecture entente as a space but more as an object, attention is paid to the structural element of the arch which, through Nour’s work, acquires a new interpretation of space and cultural identity.
Nour is investigating the relationship between fragility and monumentality, temporality and continuity, visibility and invisibility, her projects are documents of interventions orchestrated on site
The layers of the fabric builds a structure ideologically supported by the images of the round arches and by the forms of human arts, which together, with the catenary curves, as a metaphor, serve as the supporting base for ideas.


Photos: Daniel Civetta

Curator: Mara Pizzinini Beck