Alexis Christodoulou & Duccio Maria Gambi’s Objecture

``The curatorial aim was to bring the emotions invoked by Christodoulou’s renderings, their inaccessible and desirable feeling, offline and into the physical realm.``

For the first edition of Numeroventi Archive, the Florentine artist residence brings together two figures operating from opposite sides of the design world.

Objecture is a conversation, combining opposite sides of the design world to find common ground between the physical and the ethereal. One is grounded in dust and concrete, tangible to the viewer, while the other plays in a space barely accessible apart from a momentary fantasy.

The exhibition opened Monday 9th of July 2018 with a multimedia installation on 2 floors of Numeroventi. The curatorial aim was to bring the emotions invoked by Christodoulou’s renderings, their inaccessible and desirable feeling, offline and into the physical realm. Concurrently, to add ethereal components to Gambi’s works which are grounded always in solid physicality, an observation was developed, allowing his ideas to transcend time and exist in the imaginative landscapes of Christodoulou’s works.

Over the short period of 10 days, Duccio Maria Gambi and Alexis Christodoulou engaged in a conversation of sketches and ideas with digital and physical transformations. For this brief period, they inspired each others processes resulting in a small body of work that speaks to the evolution of design and practice.

The resulting work between the two designers was inevitably influenced by the colors and history of Florence, by the palace where Numeroventi is located, its arches and the repetitive shapes.

Alexis Christodoulou is a self-taught 3D artist living in Cape Town, South Africa and has spent the last 6 years building a collection of works focusing on imaginary architecture. While working professionally as a copywriter for the last decade, Alexis initially taught himself 3D rendering as a hobby.The images he creates are a simple extension of this desire to see fantastic spaces come to life that echo a more modern and clean aesthetic.

Duccio Maria Gambi is a furniture and interior designer based in Florence. In his studio and workshop he develops and realizes projects for his own collections and on commission. His main research is based on concrete casting technics and language.

Interview with Duccio Maria Gambi

Numeroventi: What is Objecture for you and how does it feel like working with a more sculptural approach?

Duccio: Objecture is to me an exploration. An exploration around process, shapes and decoration. It is an experimental playground of softness outside my daily routine of heavy, hard and precise work. I’m used to working with concrete, a material that I love because it obliges you to always think in advance of what the final result will be and look like.
I spend my days creating and imagining shapes, designing the voids, that once filled allow the outcome of the initial idea.
With this collection I started with something in mind, a rough idea or construction principle, and really made it by doing; adding and subtracting freely, working with smooth forms that come to life little by little.
Surfaces are never straight, there’s a lot of movement, both in the shapes and in the finishing. The same with colours, I’m used to add pigments to concrete, to work with color blocks and masses. In this case I can work in a more pictorial way, volumes become tridimensional surfaces on which colors act as a description or a deformation.

N: Your practice gives the idea of an experimental and ever changing approach, when do you feel that a piece is complete?

D: I always work with series of unique pieces. The main reason is that I feel that every pieces has a limited area in time and space and gets to a completion. But as soon as it becomes complete it leaves a trace for the next one that is suggested by the one before. I can almost say every collection is a serie of prototypes or a detail in a larger crystallisation that has its inner structure in the starting idea or concept.

N: How would you like your objects to be experienced by people?

D: I’d rather say how my pieces are used by objects. I like to create non predicted and non measured spaces in my pieces. later, through the user, different objects find their place and spatially relate to each other in the architecture of the piece. Our house are full of objects of different sizes, you can make a bigger flat surface or on the other hand create lot of horizontal surfaces and then find the right one that fits. Gravity plays a big role. we always forget about it.

The collaboration between the two designers and final multimedia exhibition were curated by Martino di Napoli Rampolla, creative director of Numeroventi. Numeroventi is a studio for contemporary art and design development located in the heart of Florence, open to local and international artists for co-living and studio working space.

Numeroventi Archive is a series of residencies dedicated to artists and designers that have been drawing attention worldwide for their forward thinking approach and unique perspective in their fields.


Photo: Marina Denisova


The Loft-exhibition Objecture, features an expanded collection by Duccio Maria Gambi, and will be on show in Loft 3 until May 2019.