Soft Spot: Eve Leibe Gallery

Soft Spot: Eve Leibe Gallery

Numeroventi is pleased to announce SOFT SPOT, a group exhibition hosted by Eve Liebe Gallery and curated by Cecilia Monteleone and Selena Cerami—opening on the 24th of May.

SOFT SPOT features the works of Amelia Briggs, Mona Broschar and Manon Steyaert. The show co-curated by Cecilia Monteleone and Selena Cerami is taking place at Numeroventi.

An artist working with the concept of Softness is confronting art and its rules and life and its rules. Soft is associated with white linen, puffy clouds, foamy shampoos, squidgy cakes, fluffy sheets, quiet snow, pale light, warm milk. Softness holds expectations in our mind, it has its very own safe space somewhere in our head.

But what if Softness becomes confrontational? What if Softness, intrinsically subdued, calming, soothing and comforting, becomes colourful, disquieting, rousing, attracting the viewer’s eyes to eventually make him uncomfortable?

By appointment only, to book your visit please email