Numeroventi Wellness day

We are proud to add a fundamental element into Numeroventi’s creative routine, for artists, guests and the the local community.

Numeroventi Wellness Day: Introducing Holistic membership

Tuesday 14th July 2020
All day 9.30 – 21:00

A day pass at Numeroventi of holistic classes, workshops
and massage, including:

Healing circle
Psychophysical integration
Breathe-work and meditation
All-day healthy bar by Floret

FL_Holistic PNG


1 Yoga Class
1 Massage
1 Workshop
Smartfood box from Floret incl:
Cold Pressed Juice and 1 Cold Pressed Juice Shot
1 slice of vegan power bread and fresh fruit

Ticket: 55 euro

After booking your ticket drop us on email to to reserve your time slot (find schedule at the bottom of this page)



Additional classes or treatments can be purchased at Numeroventi on drop-in for €18 in group or €80 as individual sessions.


Livia Candido de Oliveira

Livia Oliveira’s professional roots have to be seeked in San Paolo, where she belong and first moved into the yoga universe. Her first approaches to the infinite possibilities of the body expressions are related to the afrobrazilian dance and capoeira, which played an important role in Livia’s background, alongside the long-term experience of Hatha, Ashtanga and Iyengar. Once moved to Italy, she specialized in several practices becoming a certified instructor of styles such as Power Vinyasa, Advanced Sequencing and Mandala Flow in Bhakti Prema Yoga, Rasa Yoga focused on Bhakti Flow, and just qualified on a course of “Awakening Somatic Intelligence” that is focused on Functional Applied Anatomy, Art of Vinyasa Instruction and Somatics. All this knowledge is deeply connected to the awareness of Mantras, Mudras, Mythology, Pranayamas and Biomechanics, which make Livia’s classes a profound experience both radicated into the tradition and boosted into the most avant-guard attitudes.
The aim of her practice is to build a fluid and dynamic lesson, a fusion of Form and Flow, while offering personal variations to all levels of practice and physical abilities. Her Vinyasa style has a continuous flow with moments of stillness to deepen into the postures and subtle body, always cultivating the importance of breathing.
Each class has a different taste, so all you need to do is to come by and experience by your own, so you can let yourself gravitate to the deepness of body, mind and soul.

Jennifer Warakomski 

After discovering Yoga’s many physical, emotional, & mental benefits, I became a devoted student during a period of personal crisis and stress at home in New York City back in 2001.
Yoga’s mind-body-spirit connection taught me how to heal myself.
I’ve been teaching since 2008, and have training certifications in Advanced Yoga, Meditation, Therapeutic Yoga, Mindfulness, Breathwork, Restorative Yoga, Anatomy, Pre & Post Natal Yoga, and I’m also a Reiki Master Healer. In addition, my work is greatly influenced by my ongoing Women’s Hormone Health & Vitality studies, essential oils, and Ayurveda. My teaching style is creative, alignment informed, and grounded in many years of personal practice and teaching experience. Classes are designed for every-body and my methods offer students the opportunity to embody a combination of science and spirituality in order to create personal empowerment and transformation. I teach workshops, trainings, and retreats in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. My home base is in Florence, Italy, where I am a Radici Yoga teacher and trainer, as well as a faculty member at two of Florence’s leading universities where I teach Yoga and Mindfulness academic programs.

Dott.ssa Raffaella Rocca

La Dott.ssa Raffaella Rocca è laureata in psicologia e lavora nell’ambito della terapia olistica da più di 30 anni. É specializzata in Terapia Cranio Sacrale, Trager e Massaggi Sinergici

È fondatrice di water balance technique, Trattamento Olistico individuale eseguito nella “Piscina Emozionale” attraverso dolci stiramenti, leggeri tocchi, movimenti e stretching induce un senso di rilassamento profondo e dona al corpo una nuova apertura dello spirito liberandolo dallo stress, dagli stati di ansia e tensioni emotive.

Il suo interesse per la medicina complementare e il bodywork si sviluppa negli anni 80′. Dal 1989 seguo la formazione presso il Trager Institute a Parigi. Seguita dalla formazione in terapia Craniosacrale al Milneinstitute. Si è laureata in psicologia a Firenze. Con tirocinio presso I.G.f. (Istituto Gestalt Firenze) e proseguo con loro nella Teatroterapia Studio Waterbalancing e da più di 20 anni pratica Acqua- experience, integrando vari approcci corporei in acqua termale e Thalassoterapica.

Luca di Napoli Rampolla

Luca Movement and Meditation instructor that hosts courses and workshops in more than 20 countries across the world. He combines different techniques teaching self healing.

After 33 years of living in the head ,thanks to constant pains begun the exploration of how to meet the rest of the body.
Studying the Alexander technique, Rolfing,the Feldenkrais method and the Trager Approach ; getting inspired by all those ways to “feel “ the body brought to apply the biodynamic farming from 1994 to the body of the family vineyards.
Than few years later begun traveling around the world sharing the feeling of the natural state of being.
Practicing mainly the let go which helps the nothingness to come and flow: the ever lasting play; the never ending play.