Winter Residencies 2020

We know how important it is to retreat and find inspiration during these uncertain times… That’s why we are offering weekly and monthly residencies for this winter season.

The institution of artists-in-residence exists as a model to invite artists, academics, and the like to create new forms of artistic expression and to produce distinct bodies of work. Through social interaction or seclusion, residencies achieve art through aesthetic experience. Read more
Residencies time frame
15th November-15th January
Individual studio lofts with kitchenette corners (6 Available)
One common kitchen for larger meals
Open air courtyard
Documentation of your residency (1-3 images)
Starting from €580/week | €920/half month

*For this application round Numeroventi is funding 50% of all residencies (original price for 2 weeks is 1820 Euros) all profits will be devolved to Numeroventi Culture Club – Numeroventi mission is is to create a fertile ground for the Florentine future, connecting local and international artists in one place. Uniting art, hospitality and holistic practices, we aim to improve our present and the way communities perceive city life and the future.

Additional services* within the structure:
Artist’s atelier
Photo Sessions
Private Yoga sessions
Natural wine list
*Please inquire us for pricing
Newly renovated Loft 10

This is the time to focus on our practices and aspirations. Florence as the perfect getaway. Numeroventi: your home away from home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does Numeroventi cater to?
We cater to anyone in the creative field, but we also welcome travelers with a passion for art and design interested in exploring Florence from a different perspective.

How does application round work?
We make the selection of applicants together with a panel of advisors who are professional artists, understanding the Numeroventi ethics and aesthetics. Based on this we want to understand who you are and what you are planning to work on during your stay with us. It’s therefore important for you to share your portfolio, Instagram account, website, Tumblr, Dribble or any other platform of preference.

Can I exhibit my work at Numeroventi?
For this round, residencies will not be eligible for exhibitions and open studios due to the recent regulations associated to COVID 19. However, artworks produced at Numeroventi throughout the residency could end up being a part of our Permanent Collection. This can be discussed with our Creative Directors in the stages of acceptance.

Can I get funded for my stay?
For this round, Numeroventi cannot fund residencies, however we will be more than happy to write a referral letter if you wish to apply for funding by your government or private institutions.

Can I cancel my residency?
Things are changing day by day, therefore we are ready for the unexpected. You can cancel your residency at any time, however refunds are in line with our policy, that can be found here. If you wish to move your residency to another period of time, we will be more than happy to work with you on finding better dates for the future and hold on to your reservation.

Myself or my +1’s are sick… Can I still come?
It is advised to not travel under any forms of symptoms of sickness, however for emergencies we do have one loft at the ground floor that does not share common areas, and can be assigned for self quarantining.