Introducing Memberships

We’re glad to present Numeroventi Culture Association. Become a member to access holistic events and classes, exhibitions, exclusive loft stays, free artists applications, and much more.

As we make our way through one of our century’s most challenging time, Numeroventi has reached a very important milestone: establishing a non-profit association.

Our mission is to create a fertile ground for the Florentine future, connecting local and international artists in one place. Uniting art, hospitality and holistic practices, we aim to improve our present and the way communities perceive city life and the future.

We fought hard in order to create a self-sustaining system that both informs our city and creates a network for artists and designers that we’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with.

We are extremely pleased by the outcome and energy that synthesized in our first four years as a boutique hotel and artists residency, but we now recognize our relationship with the fragile tourist system that a city like Florence depends on.

We know that we can do much more and one of our goals for 2021 is to provide fully-funded artist residencies. Now, we are offering you the chance to be a part of our new vision and support a growing community.

How can you join our mission:

  • Become a Supporting Member
  • 15/mo
  • 2020 Membership
    Personal membership card
    Access to restricted spaces during events
    Complimentary drink during events
    Guided exhibition tours with our team
    Access to workshops and tastings
    Free application to artist residencies
    Monthly exclusive digital content
    – 15% on bookings made through 2020

  • Become a Funding Member
  • $0/mo
    Bespoke funding opportunities
    Reserve a meeting with our team
    to discover funding benefits.


Upcoming activities ad events

Lewis OfMan Members Concert
Saturday, October 11

Daylight Viewings
Friday, October 16

Monthly Wellness Brunch
Sunday, November 15

Photography Workshop
with the Numeroventi Team
Saturday, December 5

Black History Month
& YGBI Research Residency
with Justin Randolph Thompson
and Simone Frangi
Monday, February 22
Saturday, February 27

Orange Wine Tasting
Dates TBA

Concrete Molding & Resin
Pigmentation Workshop
with Duccio Maria Gambi
Dates TBA

Got more questions?

Get in touch with our team for further questions and concerns.