Angus Ogilvie – Tagliato Piccolo

Material: Reconstructed Carrara Marble

Dimensions: Various

Year: 2020

Price: 3 pieces 900 euro. Email for more information




Currently based in Florence, Ogilvie’s work spans a variety of different processes and materials, the overlapping point being an interest in architectural forms. Working as part of Bask, he has exhibited across Europe and South America. Ogilvie seeks to remove the idea of authorship from the work, the content coming from the form and process. Constructing a set of geometric proportions and then generating variations within these parameters often presenting multiples. He creates sculptural elements that are simultaneously a fragment and a singularity.
What makes these fragments important is the way they describe the point at which building becomes culture. These modular sculptures create a dialogue between architecture and sculpture in which familiar forms and materials verge on the ritualistic and totemic.