Duccio Maria Gambi – À l’envers

À l’envers 1.1 / À l’envers 1.2 / À l’envers 1.3

Material/Materials: Mexican white onyx, paint

Dimensions: 31,5 x 18,5 x 30,5 / 35 x 26 x 57 / 46,5 x 33 x 30,5

Year: 2020

Prices: 2.400 euro, 3.200 euro, 6.200 euro. Email for more information



After years living in Milan, Rotterdam and Paris Duccio is from 5 years back in his hometown Florence. He works in a branch of the design on a border between design and sculpture, designing and producing one off works for private clients and design galleries. His work is an endless research focusing on matter space and storytelling.