Matteo Salvadori – Wakan

Wakan (Wakahan in Lakota) refers to the spirit of all things and their energy. Through the repetition of  basic woodworking techniques – sawing, planing, milling – the gesture turns itself into a meditative process so that the material takes over the design, revealing its true nature. It is this spirit that moves the hand of the craftsman and as a result it is the artefact that speaks to us, not the maker. We need the magical powers within nature in order to heal and transform our world.

Material: Salvaged Larch, Wastage Oak, Brass

Year: 2020

Price: 2.100 euro. Email for more information



Born somewhen between the Years of Lead, Ma_Sa holds himself fully accountable for everything that has ever happened since then. First an Illustrator, then a wannabe painter, eventually he turns to be a contractor in the construction business. After a few years he moves to the countryside and joins the Freeshout Collective with whom, to the cry of “Rien ne se perd, Rien ne se crée, Tout se transforme”, works transversally in art, fashion, design. Defying any attempt at definition par exellence, Ma_Sa eventually sets up his own workshop practice in Florence, working as set designer, toy technician, product and interior designer.