Born in 2016 as a contemporary renaissance residency in Florence, Numeroventi aims to provide an experience that activates artistic procedures, by connecting artists and creating space to discover new prisms of their practice. Conceived as a non-profit reality “in-between”, it focuses on supporting artists and designers in their production process.

Our vision has at its core the development of Florence’s artistic framework through the generation of transdisciplinary collaborations involving national and international creatives and vernacular artisanal expertise. Combining artistic research and hospitality through a holistic approach, the project reaffirms the role of art and design as activators of new ways of inhabiting and interacting with the world.

Our program integrates the craftsmanship heritage of Florence through the creation of synergies between invited artists and local artisans. Present and past knowledge intertwine, allowing young creatives to draw upon some of the finest manufacturing practices in the world, whilst at the same pushing further the centennial artisanal tradition, by encompassing contemporary techniques and visions.

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Agnes Nunes
Agnese Borgia
Alain Quercia
Albert Moya
Alexis Christoudlou
Alexis Peskine
Ali Gallefoss
Ana Krás
Angus Ogilvie
Anna Rose
Anousha Payne
Arianna Moroder
Benjamin Clementine
Benjamin Sack
Carla Cascales Alimbau
Cary Fagan
Ceri Muller
Cédric Breisacher
Daniel Faro
Daniel Wirtberg
Daniela Antonelli
David Hartono
David Van Der Leeuw
Blood Orange / Dev Hynes
Dori Deng
Duccio Maria Gambi
Eleanor Herbosch
Elisa Uberti
Esther Chang
Eve Leibe Gallery
Eveline Stauffer
Flora Temnouche
Frédéric Saulou
Galerie Philia
Giulia Archimede
Giulia Cosenza
Guglielmo Profeti

Harley Weir
Harumi Matsumoto

Isac Elam Kaid
Jacqueline Harberink
Jules Kate
Jérôme Pereira,
Kaarina Kaikkonen
Kasia Fudakowski
Ksenia Tokmakova
Laila Tara H
Leonardo Anker Vandal
Levi de Jong
Lewis Ofman
Lorenzo Brinati
Malgorzata Bany
Marco Guazzini
Marinika Sadgyan
Marta Cascales Alimbau
Marta Abbott
Mattia Papp
Maya Dikstein
Moses Sumney
Muriel Parra Ferrer
Natalia Criado
Natalia Swarz
Nicolas Denino
Penelope Volinia
Rachel Peachey
Rich Stapleton
Rick Owens
Sam Youkilis
Sammy Baloji
Samuel de Saboia
Sarah van Rij
Sylvia Eustache Rools
Paul Mosig
Thelonious Stokes
Tycjan Knut
Willem Van Hoof
Yoon-Young Hur

Via dei Pandolfini 20 – Florence, Italy
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