At Numeroventi we truly believe in the power of a balanced lifestyle, which is why we host a full calendar that range from inspiring sunrise yoga classes to holistic massages, vernissages to dinners and workshops.

To access an event you must have a Numeroventi membership. To learn more about memberships and to sign up for one of our events, write us here ︎︎︎



13/9 | 16–19        Artist in Residence:
                            Karen Miranda Abel 
                            Vernissage – Light Garden
                            RSVP and membership for vernissage required.

2/9 | 19.30          Pierre Rousseau–Artist in Residence
                             Live in the Courtyard
                             RSVP and membership required.

29/9 | 21–23        Tycjan Knut – Artist in Residence
                              Vernissage, Solo Exhibition
                              RSVP and membership for vernissage required


6/8 | 20–23           Dinner/Installation by
                               Chef in-Residence Ananas Ananas
                                            Fully booked.

10/8 | 19.30           Dinner by GOTA Wine 
                                            Fully booked.

11/8 | 19.30            Dinner by GOTA Wine  
                                            Fully booked.

12/8 | 19.30           Dinner by GOTA Wine  
                                           Fully booked.

13/8 | 19.30           Dinner by GOTA Wine  
                                            Fully booked.

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