Housed within the historic Palazzo Galli Tassi from 1510, Numeroventi is a modern design-driven artist residence and boutique hotel located in the heart of Florence.

Spread out on three floors with an impressive courtyard, the five-metre-high ceilings, large windows, ancient frescoes, curated design and artistic interventions are renovated in a style that draws inspiration from the artists that Numeroventi hosts, all to contribute to an experience of silence and contemplation.

Artists use the lofts as hybrid studios, hotel guests fit into comfy rooms between the residencies, and the flexible spaces at Numeroventi also hosts a full calendar of exhibitions, creative workshops and collaborative gatherings.

Located in the Via dei Pandolfini, midway between Duomo and Santa Croce, Numeroventi functions a breath of fresh air in between history.

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Via dei Pandolfini 20 – Florence, Italy. Tel. +39 055 3880695