Fondazione Labirinto is pleased to present In-Between, an exhibition featuring works by Ana Maria Tavares, Marta Spagnoli and Regina Silveira. The show will take place from May 11 to May 28, 2023, at Numeroventi, in Florence. The exhibition is supported by Galleria Continua, Luciana Brito Galeria and Shaindl Art.

Drawing from the symbolism of the labyrinth, the selected works explore the intersection between technology, perception, and space.

The new digital work (and first NFT series) by Ana Maria Tavares', Maukamakai (2023), released in collaboration with Fondazione Labirinto, explores the relationship between space, light, and movement within fictional and imagined landscapes. The release of digital works, an action called "drop", is one of Labirinto's core activities, of which Tavares' work is the newest release. Maukamakai presents a kind of idyllic desert where the artist's past, future, and discarded projects come to life in a metaverse of their own, constantly under construction and with no end date. Some of the pieces on display are independent and collectible NFTs.

Regina Silveira's WALLS Series (2022), as well as her video installations Limiar (2017) and Surveillance (2015), challenge the viewer's perception of reality through words, symbolism,
and light. WALLS Series, Regina Silveira's first NFT works, was also the result of a digital research prompted by Fondazione Labirinto. The piece presents limited animated variations of 15 laberintos, silkscreen prints dating from 1971 – with one edition donated to the Muse de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade de São Paulo (MAC USP)by Fondazione Labirint in partnership with the artist and Luciana Brito Galeria.

The exhibition will also feature a large scale diptych by Marta Spagnoli, created during her residency at Numeroventi. Setting up a dialogue between the viewer and the painted surface, Marta Spagnoli’s work reveals its narrative possibilities emphasizing the pictorial phases of the image creation process.

As stated by Fondazione Labirinto in the curatorial text, "the maze-like character of the artists' works draws attention to the complexity of our perceptual experience, highlighting the
importance of exploring multiple perspectives to arrive at a deeper understanding of reality and the spaces between the known and the unknown".

Fondazione Labirinto is a community-built platform that fosters artistic and critical thinking production at the intersection of contemporary art's material and digital realms. The birth of Labirinto was induced by the inescapable impact of social media, artificial intelligence, synthetic realities, decentralized economies and blockchain technology in contemporary art.


Opening Hours

On until 28th May

Labirinto has been a partner of Numeroventi since 2022, when the exhibition Threads of Memory was held.

Via dei Pandolfini 20 – Florence, Italy
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