Volcanic Ash Ceramics 

by Matteo Pucci Moraldi 
Pistoia 2022  

Hand-Crafted, volcanic ash tableware. Oven and microwave safe

Available in more sizes 

27cm x 3cm
35cm x 3cm 
12.5 x 6.5cm
Volacnic ash, ceramic glaze 



Matteo Pucci was born in 1994 in the province of Florence. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara, where he refined his technique and defined the bases of his personal and artistic research, research that continues today, reshaped and changed throughout those years, strong of experiments and reflections, ready to discover himself and to be discovered.

The artist sets himself the goal, through the manipulation of the material, to bring to light an unexpected vitality of the
material itself as if it was birthed by different realities. This forces the spectators out of their torpor, thus coming into contact with unexpected, almost alien contexts, where the nature of things as usually known is revealed in an unusual way.

Bringing the work to a different level, no longer artificial and immobile, but organic and alive. The unknown and unusual growth and stratification of matter, give life to new organisms, cells, and elements, at first glance known and familiar, they gradually become a new cocoon, rich in life, which plays on the precarious boundary of the real and the possible.

Via dei Pandolfini 20 – Florence, Italy
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